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Club Happenings


February 9, 2019

A room full of people turned out to learn more about the AZ border and some of the border issues. That presentation was followed by a talk about The Inn Project - which provides temporary housing and transportation for immigrant families seeking asylum.

Our Club


The Democratic Club in Sun City Oro Valley was organized to promote the ideals, principles, and policies of the Democratic Party and to help ensure an informed electorate. To meet those goals, we attempt to address local, state and national issues through a series of speakers. These can vary from elder abuse, to water conservation, to immigration.

We meet the second Saturday of every month in the Activity Center, Navajo Room.

Meetings begin at 1 pm and generally last no more than 90 minutes.

Our meetings are always open to the public and to non-members. 

  Upcoming Meetings
The SCOV Democratic club collects 
food for the local pantry at each meeting. Please bring a can or two.

March 9th: "After more than 50 years in the GOP, here's why I'm becoming a Democrat."

SCOV resident Randall Moody will share his journey with us.  


This year's picnic is May 4th - so mark your calendars now! 

More information will follow, but we are happy to announce that Dave Fitzsimmons will highlight our picnic this year!!!

From The News:
    Democrats  Support:


  •   Freedom

  •   Affordable Healthcare

  •   Public Schools

  •   Fiscal Responsibility

  •   Healthy Environment

  •   Public Safety

  •   Unions, Minimum Wages &      Quality Jobs

  •   The Right to Make Personal      Choices, Privately

  •   Equal Opportunity

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